Pale Rider

North Mean
Weak team
Brain dump
Final hump
Blackmail tide
cutting stride
eye glaze
final maze
tunnel light
imminent flight
riding west
final test
steely sign
train time
horizon wider
final cider
Pale Rider

Write choice

thoughtful black
work’s slack
choice maze
happy glaze
lifted shoulders
fallen boulders
bright moon
starlight tune  
rejoin page
recall mage
become sage
no more cage

Free Stone

Long flight
Sorry sight
make waves
strike paves
friends delight
eagles might
long haze
sun daze
work timeline
hurting mymind
final exit
magic cresent
new bone
free stone
smile alone

dark only

hidden smile
centred trial
deep fixation
limited relation
enjoy sun
limited fun
special pain
dark reign
submissive trait
exploding fate
girl sender
alway tender
trouble mortar
deepest water
feel lonely
dark only

Office Spark

Home base undefined

Move unwind
Jobs left behind
Leeds design
Living with Daze
Travelling phase
safety net created
price debated

Social non starter

Lifeline Marta
Feel numb tide
Focus cried
Football star player
Frustrated painter
Running distance hum
Collasping sun
Clear spark skys
Mountain sighs
Creative noose released
Sunshine peace
Days involving pain
Ignore refrain
Feel horizon trail
Ride futures sale

Cactus Mind

Faithful tool
unnerving fool
barbed event
snake sent

release grip
shockwave flip
return sender
ride fender

basking mind
trait unwind
recall rewind
timing sublime

cactus field
snow mobile
crash through
begin a new

Misanthrope Announcement

Human haste
Acquired taste
Free mace
Known face

Tribal dawn
Evil born

Tragic voice
Made choice

Train board
Dark hoard
Visible time
Misanthrope sign

Planet aligned
no longer blind


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